Exhibitor Terms and Condition

Exhibitor Terms and Conditions:
  • Only Old and Eligible Exhibitors of 2021 get first preference to retain their booth. All interested companies have to fill up the ROI form and submit before 10th November 2021 along with advance confirmation. Failure to do so will automatically mean non-retention of the booth and the booth will come under lottery for allotment for new eligible companies. Any old exhibitors who wish to apply for relocation of booths, will go for a lottery system, where old exhibitors will get preference over new ones. Exhibitors have been classified as per their category; so not necessary they may get hall type as per their choice on relocation.
  • Non - Participation in any other trade show within 15 Days: Please note we will not allow any participating company or its sister company, or its affiliates to participate in other trade show a week prior or during the same time, of the proposed COUTURE India show dates in the same time in pan India. If found, it will be considered as cancellation from exhibitors’ side and policy shall apply as per it. Organizer may consider few exemptions, but conditions apply.
  • Exhibitors need to send Rs 2’00,000 advance payment in order to confirm participation in the favor of 'Gem & Jewellery Information Centre'. Cancellation of the participation for whatsoever reason is subjected to 50% deduction of the total value of space confirmed. Cancellation within 60 days of the event is subjected to 100% of the total value of the space confirmed.
  • Postponement of the Show for the reasons like lockdown in venue of the show (Goa), If done within 30 days, will lead to full adjustment of the amount paid in the next scheduled event. However, prior to the 30 days window will ensure full refund to participants on request. If a refund request made within 7 days of announcement shall only be processed and only for companies who have not deducted the TDS while sending advances.
  • Due to space constraints, priority shall be given to jewellery companies as per ROI received in order of A. Old exhibitors of 2021 - New Delhi, B. New exhibitors ofNew Delhi and Goa 2021 edition C. And finally, New Companies in 2022 who pass eligibility if space allows. Old or new Gemstones, Loose Diamonds and software, machinery and services companies if space allows shall be accommodated in supported halls, registration halls, foyer or pre function area.
  • The exhibitor cannot claim any compensation or seek refund in the below cases:
        a) Organizer may change venue, timing and dates of the show by sending notification.
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